Eleko Motor Race

INK was glad to partner with EMR to position it as a premium Motorsport event in Nigeria that promises fun, and adrenaline rushing action!


Before INK came onboard, the event was a low profile event without viable visibility. The organisers wanted to change that. They wanted to kickstart Motorsport action in Nigeria by making their brand a high profile racing event.


INK was able to use its expertise in the Auto Industry (through its sub-division arm that handles the Motion Town Show) to help make EMR a high profile event with more Racing teams participating than in previous races.


How INK Did it:

INK had to design a tailored Brand and Communication Strategy for Motorsport that had never before been tried in Nigeria. The result was an increase in turnout for the race event and more requests for the next race event.


Also, as a result of this and a rising Motorsport interest and participation in Nigeria, the FIA (World Motorsport body) is considering establishing an official base for Motorsport development in Nigeria.