Supercharge Your Brand Growth Using Consumer Trust

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Brand Growth Using Consumer Trust

Big or small, all brands crave success. Success with customer try-outs, adoption and ultimately advocacy.

Over time, trust has become the universal currency for a lot of brands. Unlike the Bitcoin buzz, however, we know how this currency works.

What the consumers think about your brand is important. As simple as it may sound, trust can be difficult to cultivate and grow. 

According to Lincoln Chafee, “Trust is built with consistency.” Consistency in the quality of your brand experience, starting with your brand communications, your purchase experience, and then your customer care service.

Here are four things to consider in building your brand and your business.

Push the reliability envelope

A lot of businesses, especially the new kids on the block invest more in super cool brand identities, praise singing PR and glitzy ads. Sadly, less in the reliability of the service or product, they are enticing you with. It’s not rocket science, a new and promising food service that delivers cold food late or a leather cleaner that promises to get rid of tough stains, but ends up with stains still mocking your efforts after 33 minutes of Olympic-worthy buffing, is just not going to cut it for your customer. News alert, your brand is going down.

“For your product or service; stay reliable or stay in bed.”

Be Accessible

Hello! Are you there??

It helps for people to be able to find you. Running your sales solely through WhatsApp is not going to do much for your brand growth. Imagine if all your potential customer caught about you was your business name, they look you in that super world machine called google and you are missing! They start to wonder if you are for real. No Site, no product or service review, less than average social media presence… your brand trust level is going to take a beating for sure.

If you do have the web presence, timely and solution-oriented response to queries would help get you some good brand credibility. 

Get real, real quick

Authenticity in an era of fake news and empty promises is pure nitro for your brand growth.

Back up your brand promise with the corresponding action, this convinces the consumer that yours is a brand they can trust. Sell it as it is, no one wants Ghanaian jollof rice when you sold them Naija style party jollof rice.

Develop a great brand personality

We all love that Uber driver that offers us candy or when hotel room service converses with your by name. Your consumers would be giving you loads of bonus trust-credits if you can try to make your offerings personal.  With a lot of consumer data available, your brand communications right down to your customer purchase experience can and should be personal.

Most customers buy not based on competence but how your brand makes them feel. If your brand has a shitty personality….. let’s just say you won’t be getting a lot of advocacy anytime soon

The concept of stack them high, sell them high still works for a number of businesses, especially the ones with the devil may care type monopolies. However, if you are in an ever-growing saturated world of product offerings and marketing campaigns, you need to constantly consider more ways to make your customers feel that your business gets them.

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