Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is an American Burger Fast food chain serving Burgers, shakes & fries in a ’50s diner setting here in Nigeria and their other international outposts.


The Nigerian Fast food market has grown exponentially in the past 15 years, especially with the rise of the Nigerian middle class. This has seen foreign fast food chains set up shop in Nigeria. Some of them have been successful while some have failed (mostly due to culture clash in food menu, service and delivery).


The challenge for Johnny Rockets was that Nigeria was an untested market for Burger. Most International franchises in Nigeria sell Chicken because it’s a National favourite but none of them have been bold enough to make Burger a mainstay on their menus.


How did Johnny Rockets kickstart their Nigerian Franchise?


They partnered with INK to help them with Marketing strategies that will help them break through in the Nigerian Fast food market. INK was able to help Johnny Rockets strike a Marketing deal with Pepsi, enabling them to leverage on Pepsi’s Media assets.


With sensitizing visuals and copy, the Marketing campaigns for Johnny Rockets were a success and INK still works with Johnny Rockets on their brand campaigns for their outlets in Nigeria.