Alluvial Farmers Rice

INK partnered with Alluvial Investments to produce and market one of Nigeria’s staple food – Rice. As wildly popular as rice is in Nigeria, close to 90% of it was being imported from outside the country. The few locally made brands were expensive to purchase for most Nigerians.


Alluvial Investments and INK decided to conduct some Market research to find out why locally made rice was more expensive. The research results armed Alluvial investments with the solution for producing easily accessible locally grown Nigerian rice.


INK also was involved in the Product development of Alluvial rice – from creating a catchy identity design for the product to designing its packaging and also creating Marketing strategies to help with the sale and distribution of the product.


The result of this partnership with Alluvial Investments has put Alluvial Rice as one of the foremost players in the Nigerian Rice Market.