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Inbound Marketing In An Ever Changing Digital Space

Consumers change, Trends change, Regimes change…everything changes! The world of marketing has also changed over the past few years, from the Sales funnels that replicated the traditional marketing tactics, to the use of influencers to “promote brand awareness” and a mix of both, getting the desired results online have become grey.

These tactics successfully put brands out there, but they are not being optimised for the target demographic to yield the desired outcome which is SALES. Sales translate to profits when the whole production system is optimised (some aspects of which are beyond the control of Marketing).

So, what Marketing tactics can help you get the most conversions for sales in this Digital age? well, it’s the same strategies that we have been using all along, but in a different, more controlled way.

The key is to follow the eyes and study the behaviour patterns of the target audience. The latter is where Inbound marketing shines. This part is highly data driven whereas traditional marketing only does the former. Inbound Marketing gives a whole new dimension to the Marketing funnels that we are used to.

The digital space has provided a wide medium of communication and most Millenials are directly or indirectly involved in digital media. This makes the digital space the new marketplace. More eyes are glued to mobile screens than TV and Traditional marketing has come over to digital, bombarding every eye with ads and information. The resultant effect of this is the desensitisation of people from online ads.

The tactic has always been to chase the target audience. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is about executing tactics that attract your target audience to you through great and engaging content. Inbound ensures that you acquire Leads that are relevant to your brand or business.

Inbound tactics are thorough for ensuring attraction to your content, converting the Leads that you have acquired (of course), retaining them by managing your customers as well as making them advocating for you.

This tactic has been successfully adopted by many successful brands and is fast becoming the mainstream tactic for online marketing. The danger of this is that eventually, most marketers will adopt this and we are quite sure it will be abused. An example is the multiplicity of content (which means marketers will be recycling unoriginal content) which will tire out the target audience. This means that the Attraction stage does not effectively convert for marketers with original content.

The digital space is an ever-changing domain, and as such, the best tactics for effective marketing is innovative marketing. Innovative marketing in this sense is the application of Inbound marketing tactics and tailoring the different stages to suit your marketing goals in the ever-changing digital space

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